Matteo Basilè – Stefano Cerio
Alessandro Imbriaco – Massimo Siragusa

Soluzioni Arte is pleased to announce a series of four meetings with as many artists and photographers of international renown. The project aims to promote and disseminate the excellence of the Italian photographic overview
Each of these meetings will be dedicated to a single author who, by presenting his own works, will analyze both the aesthetic choices and the technical aspects of his artistic production.
The first of these events is dedicated to Massimo Siragusa.

NBorn in Catania in 1958, Massimo Siragusa began working as a professional photographer in 1987. He lives in Rome where he teaches in various schools of photography. He has exhibited in many museums and galleries in Italy and abroad, including Polka Galerie in Paris, International Encounters of Photography in Arles, Forma Galleria in Milan, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Photography Center in Tenerife, Coalface Gallery of Genk and Photo Vernissage Manege of St. Petersburg. In advertising, he has signed numerous campaigns for companies such as Lavazza, IGP, Kodak, ENI, BAT Italy, Milan Airports, Bosh, Alfa Romeo, A2A, Pedemontana Highway, Boscolo Hotels, My Chef.
He won four World Press Photo: in 1997, with “Bisogno di un Miracolo”, then in 1999 with “Il Cerchio Magico”, in 2008 thanks to the report on “Tempo Libero”, and in 2009 with “Fondo Fucile”.
He has published several books including “il Cerchio Magico”, “Credi” and “Solo in Italia”.

The event will be held at Soluzioni Arte
Via Lorenzo Vidaschi, 28 (Monteverde area) – Rome
Wednesday 15 February 2012 at 6.30 pm

for more information 06/97276846