Can I print on non-paper materials?2019-02-27T18:20:20+01:00

We print only on paper, offered in a wide range of fibres and textures. The print can then be adhered to a rigid support of your choice.

Do I need to visit Soluzioni Arte?2019-02-27T17:46:10+01:00

Visiting our studios can help in the choice of many parameters, however we can also collaborate “remotely”. Please contact us at any time or send your file as an attachment along with your contact details. We will discuss the issues with you by phone, to identify your needs in post-production, printing performance and paper choices. In the case of post-production we may ask for a reference image, to better understand your desired final result.

Do we need to carry out certification at the time of printing?2019-02-27T17:46:03+01:00

No, if you want to certify the print we can also do that later, such as at the time of sale.

Do you print “oversize”?2019-02-27T17:45:58+01:00

Yes, we can print almost any dimensions. The only is due to the size of the paper rolls: the largest available is 160 cm by 12 metres.

How long will my order take?2019-02-27T17:45:53+01:00

We can generally finish small quantities of printing within 2-3 working days. If the order includes mounting the time is usually about 5 working days. We will try to be flexible, such as by engaging couriers for certain steps.

What are the maximum and minimum print sizes?2019-02-27T17:45:44+01:00

The maximum size is 160 cm x 12m. There is no limit on minimum size (although the smallest sheet of printing paper is A4).

Is there a minimum quantity for printing?2019-02-27T18:19:53+01:00

Not at all. You can print just one copy of your image, in any size.

What kind of file do we need for printing?2019-02-27T18:19:42+01:00

Any of the following: TIFF, PSD, JPG (quality 12), or a vector format for digital illustrations. You do not need to resample the file: we will assess the necessary percent magnification on the basis of print size you require. Please leave the file in its original colour profile. Do not convert to CMYK four-colour: our printers can reproduce a larger colour space from RGB. We accept both 8 bit and 16 bit files. To send the file we recommend using “WeTransfer”, available at https://wetransfer.com/.

Do you print books or catalogues?2019-02-27T18:18:58+01:00

We do not print catalogues, however we would be very pleased to print and custom-bind you short-run art book!

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