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Overglop printing

The technology of inkjet printing (giclée) is constantly evolving and is able to improve at every step. Just think of the Epson Ultrachrome Pro Ink set of ink, which has a new gray that add more shades in black and white and have a deeper black than the previous generation.However, some technical problems have not yet been solved, such as gloss differential. In the glossy papers there is a different reflection of the light on the differently inked parts. In critical lighting conditions you can perceive a difference in the area with less ink.

After several studies and research we decide to propose you the Overglop.

This is like a second print, which spreads a protective agent over the image: it has the function of limiting the effect of gloss differential and increasing the brightness of the colors and the depth of the blacks.
This treatment is perfect for all the baryta papers.


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