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Fine art printing

Attention to quality is the basis for the technical choices of our laboratory. Our concern for quality has led us to focus on a pigment printing technology known as Giclée Fine Art Print. This type of printing, which is a cut above chemical printing, ensures both consistency and museum archival durability.

Soluzione Arte has opted to embrace the technology of pigment printing (also known as Archival Giclée Print or Archival Print) in the production of Fine Art Prints. This kind of printing has several benefits. First, it provides the opportunity to select an almost infinite number of surfaces. Our main suppliers (Hahnemuehle, Ilford, Harman) produce paper with an extremely wide range of characteristics ranging from completely opaque surfaces to cotton papers to brilliant fiber-based papers, which contain significant amounts of barium salts. A second crucial advantage is that the final result is a perfect match to what you see on the monitor. Soluzione Arte creates color solutions independently and does not use standard color profiles. The technology utilized for color profiles is one in the same with the tools used to calibrate our monitors (Eizo). In other words, our technology enables us to make best use of the adage “What You See Is What You Get.” Soluzione Arte guarantees the developed print has an exact chromatic match to the image seen on the screen.

Another exceptional advantage of pigment printing over chemical Lambda is greater color depth: The Gamut (the number of reproducible colors) is almost double, so you obtain color prints which are not as dry and have a more suitable chromatic match.

In addition, the pigment printing far exceeds chemical printing durability. The lifespan of a print highly depends upon the treatment received. In chemical printing, extensive fixing can lead to durability problems and the lengthy development process can lead to color differences.

Instead, pigment printing has a duration that is inextricably linked to the certifiable paper and inks used and has exceeded all the demands of museum quality prints. All of these results have been extensively tested in independent laboratory studies.


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